The word ‘WayShower’ was given to me in a vision during a meditation early in 2020, when I was asking about my life purpose. It has been my honour to make this concept a reality with my husband, Gary, Marlene and Karen, in collaboration with other beautiful souls, to build what has become The Way. It was always important that this platform was founded in the energy of Love, and it is in this energy that the WayShowers come together. Our purpose may simply be to unite in this energy of Love.

I am a Soul, Shamanic and Pranic Healer, a Visionary, a Ho’oponopono practitioner, a wife, mum, and daughter. I am all of these and yet am simply a traveller on a path of learning. My intuitive gifts allow me to see beyond what is presented in the world and, as my awareness expands, my visions are showing me the truth of existence from a different view point. I share these in simple format to allow a deeper understanding of life which I hope helps you on your own journey. You can see more about Kathryn’s work HERE

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