I identify as an Aquarian Guide

Journey: Coming to terms with Death, saving lives, evolving relationship with fear, resolving life & inter-life trauma, decoding the Matrix. Results: Fortitude, Vision, Faith & the ability to create my own reality, which is what I bring to the Waychi platform.

I am a musician (composer, performer, producer), multimedia artist, writer, web mistress, filmmaker, mother, farmer, community organizer, but in the context of Waychi I am an Aquarian Guide. I am a long-time student of quantum physics and spirituality, and a strong advocate of meditation. The theme of my life is exploring the quantum reality that …

… It’s a Universe of comprised of Frequencies
and when we intregrate this concept into our lives through mindfulness & intention,
the possibilities are endless.

I offer 3 different lenses for mentorship – Self-Responsibility/Realization, Sparking the Imagination & Return to Flow as avenues of exploration.

One of the stunning, irrefutable truths that has arisen these past 2 years is of GLOBAL UNITY (in response to the other option) which is more fierce than ever, fired by the crazy patchwork quilt of previous attempts… That’s why we are here.

Never Give Up. Until all are free, none are free
Let’s enter into this grandiose Age of Aquarius together
Free / Empowered / Connected

Electricmeg / j’Aquaire

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