Uniting in the Energies of Love & Pure Intent

We are all WayShowers and WayFinders at different stages on our awakening path.

As a WayFinder, you have been guided to our platform to help you on your individual journey of awakening. You will be in the company of people from all over the world who have the ability to support you with knowledge, experience and support on your way to realising your true potential to becoming your own WayShower.

WayChi – The Way platform is founded in the energy of Love. Here WayShowers post their blogs, videos and content in order to provide a shared resource of support and build a new way of being. If you reach out, someone who is on a similar journey can share their way through.

WayChat – Here you can speak openly and freely to your fellow WayFinders either privately in one-to-one chats, in groups where you have shared interests, or to the whole community where you can share important messages instantly with everyone registered. If you have the app on your device, you can access WayChat here.

WayTube – Here you can post your own videos, live stream and share content which can be monetised.

Please Note: Security and privacy are of utmost importance to us. The entire Waychi platform is hosted on our own military-grade secure servers under IMMI protocol; meaning that there is zero censorship and your personal information is as secure as it can possibly be.