Who are we?

We are Wayshowers who have been on our own journeys and are now helping those on a similar journey to find their own answers.

Wayshowers are on a path to self-realisation, self-awareness and consciousness and are here to share experience, wisdom, skills, tools and techniques to help others grow.

As the old systems no longer serve humanity, we are choosing to unite in the energy of LOVE to create new ways forward.


The Way is a hub of developing services with a host of tools and guidance to support you on your path. Our secure communications platform welcomes free expression, the only rule being to communicate with kindness and from the heart. We ask that when you don’t feel like being kind, you step away and come back when you can.

By creating a united community of like-minded people where we can speak freely without censorship, we are helping Wayfinders with their awakening journey. We build strength by connecting to like-minded people in other communities and platforms.


The energy of Love is powerful. When we unite, we raise our own and the collective consciousness and become immune to the projected lower vibrations originating in fear.

More and more people are now awakening to who they really are. This awakening can be challenging; you may need reassurance and seek answers to your questions; both can be found here. Our expanding team of Wayshowers will bring plenty of help for you as you make your way along your own path of growth in an environment that is without threat or censure.